Inami Town, Wakayama – Highlights of Travel Attractions

Inami Twon is part of Hidaka County in Wakayama Prefecture.
Jumping rope performers will introduce the charm of the town.
Following is the list of places you can see in this video:

[ Table of Contents ]
0:00 ・オープニング
0:32 ・Inami Port
0:50 ・Kaeru Bridge (means:Frog Bridge)
1:05 ・Kirime Ohji Temple
1:13 ・Toukouji Temple
1:25 ・Kirimesaki
1:42 ・Inami Coast
2:16 ・Kabora Rice Terrace
2:18 ・Kawamata Kannon Temple
2:35 ・Seiryu Junior High School
2:56 ・Injouji Temple
3:09 ・Kirimekawa River Dam
3:20 ・Inami Kindergarten Preschool